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October 2018

October in the Dempsey Group

July 2018

Summer Undergraduate and High School Researchers

May 2018

Spring 2018 Dempsey Group News Update

December 2017

Jillian wins I-APS Young Investigator Award

Katherine and Carolyn win Local NC ACS Section Awards

Graduate Student Tayliz joins lab

October 2017

Jillian to direct Clare Boothe Luce Graduate Fellowship Program

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Chris’s paper accepted to J. Phys. Chem. B

Jillian highlights electron hopping work in Biochemistry with Prof. Matt Hartings

Katherine and Jillian’s First Reaction in ACS Cent. Sci.

A Practical Beginner’s Guide to Cylic Voltammetry to be Published in the Journal of Chemical Education

Undergraduate Cole joins the group

September 2017

Yejee’s paper accepted to Canadian Journal of Chemistry

Jillian named to C&E News’ “Talented 12”

Undergraduates Kunal and Emma join the group

June 2017

2017 Summer Undergraduate Research in the Dempsey Group

May 2017

2017 Chemistry Department Graduation

Dempsey Group Members Receive Major Awards

April 2017

Brian’s paper accepted to the Journal of Chemical Education

Chris, Dan and Tao’s paper accepted to ACS Energy Letters

Katherine, Noémie and Banu’s paper accepted to Nature Reviews Chemistry

March 2017

Will, Hannah and Caroline present their senior thesis work

NSF fellowships awarded to Dempsey group members and alums

Katherine passes 2nd year exam

Grad students Emily Anne Sharpe and Michael Mortelliti join the lab

Yejee defends thesis for M.A. degree

February 2017

Eric defends dissertation

Jillian honored with J. Carlyle Sitterson Award for Teaching First-Year Students

Katherine, Brian and Eric’s paper accepted to Inorg. Chem.

December 2016

Brian’s paper accepted to Inorg. Chem.

Noémie and Dan’s paper accepted to J. Am. Chem. Soc.

Jillian featured on College of Arts & Sciences Website

November 2016

Brian defends dissertation!

Hannah receives Jason D. Altom Memorial Award for Undergraduate Research

Grad student Carolyn Hartley joins the group!

October 2016

Daniel and Brian’s work featured on cover of Polyhedron

Jillian wins Hettleman Award

Jillian speaks in the ACS “DIC Young Investigators: Where are they now?” Symposium

Undergraduate Kevin Ruoff joins the group!

Postdocs Dylan Gary and Banu Kandemir join the group!

July 2016

Thomas and Will’s paper accepted to J. Phys. Chem. B

Postdoc Tao Huang Joins Group

June 2016

Robin and Chris’s paper published in Chemistry of Materials

Thomas defends dissertation!

Summer Undergraduate Research in the Dempsey Group

Robin defends dissertation!

May 2016

Elizabeth Graduates with B.A. Chemistry, B.S. Computer Science, with Highest Distinction

April 2016

Noémie, Brian and Eric’s paper accepted to ACS Catalysis

Jillian discusses Creativity in Research for Carolina Arts and Sciences

Eric’s paper accepted to Inorganic Chemistry

Eric, Daniel and Brian’s paper accepted to ACS Catalysis

Fellowships awarded to Dempsey Group members!

March 2016

Daniel, Brian and Eric’s paper accepted to Dalton Transactions.

Jillian awarded Sloan Research Fellowship

Katherine and Melody join the group!

January 2016

Dan passes 2nd year exam

The Dempsey Group Receives Grant from Air Force

December 2015

Daniel and Brian’s paper accepted to Polyhedron!

Robin’s paper accepted to J. Phys. Chem. C!

November 2015

Hannah, Will and Keegan win Undergraduate Research Awards

The Dempsey Group receives grant from the DOE

Jillian awarded Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering

October 2015

Eric and Robin win Poster Awards

September 2015

Eric’s paper accepted to JACS!

Yejee passes 2nd year exam

July 2015

Hannah wins research presentation awards

Grad student Susan Smith and Postdoc Noémie Elgrishi join the group

Dempsey Group Welcomes Cyrus Lett

June 2015

Undergraduates Hannah, Alexis and Quinton join the lab

Daniel graduates with a B.S. in Chemistry, Highest Honors

April 2015

Chris passes 2nd year exam

The Dempsey Group receives grants from NSF and AFOSR

Dempsey group welcomes Harry Gray to UNC!

Dempsey Group shares research at NC Science Festival and with the Carolina ADMIRES program

Brian receives Graduate Student Mentor Award from OUR

Robin receives Dissertation Completion Fellowship from the UNC Graduate School

Daniel presents his senior thesis work

March 2015

Robin and Thomas present their research to the department

Brian and Eric pass their 3rd year proposal exam

Kelley passes 2nd year exam

Brian’s paper accepted to Chemical Science!

January 2015

Jillian highlights recent work from the Hammarström Group

Dempsey Lab kicks of the International Year of Light

November 2014

Daniel and Brian’s paper accepted to Chemical Communications!

Daniel and Elizabeth honored at Undergraduate Banquet

Dempsey Group attend the Local NC-ACS Meeting

October 2014

Dempsey group takes on the Miller group in kickball

Grad Student Dan Kurtz joins the lab!

Brian, Eric and Daniel share their research at SERMACS

Dempsey Group Attends NC Photochem Symposium

September 2014

Undergraduates Elizabeth, Keegan and Alfre join the lab

Daniel featured in Herald Sun article

August 2014

Summer Fun in the Dempsey Group

Eric, Brian and Thomas’s paper accepted to Inorganic Chemistry as Viewpoint

Thomas’s paper selected for JACS Spotlights and JACS Cover

Eric and Chris recognized with Chemistry Department awards

July 2014

Brian, Daniel, Eric and Alex’s paper accepted to Inorganic Chemistry

Thomas’s paper accepted to the Journal of the American Chemical Society

Dempsey lab hosts tent at UNC Science Expo

June 2014

Undergraduates Allison Carr and Will Howland join the group

May 2014

Braden graduates with B.S. in Chemistry!

Farewell to Braden and Alex

Robin’s paper accepted to Chemical Science

Daniel wins two research awards

Brian invited to speak at the Inorganic Chemistry GRS

Kelley wins an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

February 2014

Brian passes 2nd Year Oral Exam!

Jillian Dempsey and Brandi Cossairt launch Chem WMN

December 2013

Eric passes 2nd Year Oral Exam!

November 2013

Robin’s paper accepted!

October 2013

Dempsey Group receives ACS PRF DNI Grant

Dempsey Group attends NC Photochem Symposium

Welcome Ana, Chris, Kelley and Yejee

September 2013

Transient Absorption in the Dempsey Group

August 2013

Kenan 4C- Enjoying our new labs

Congratulations Robin & Eric!

Goodbye Jake

Group boating trip

Ana joins the group!

May 2013

Undergraduates Alex and Daniel join the lab

Laser Install Part I

Thomas passes his 2nd year orals exam!

Kenan 4C: After

March 2013

Optical Table Installed

Laser Delivered!

Robin passes her 2nd year orals exam!

Lab renovations set for a March 25 Move-In

February 2013

World Premiere: We are Tar Heel Chemists

January 2013

Progress on our new labs!

Jillian joins the Science Advisory Board of CCI-Solar

October 2012

Kenan 4C “before” photos

Jake and Braden join the Dempsey Group as Undergraduate Researchers

September 2012

Optical, Electrochemical, and Spectroelectrochemical Measurements in the Dempsey Group

The Dempsey Group celebrates the end of a successful summer

August 2012

Our labs are up and running!

Brian joins the group!

July 2012

Eric joins the group!

Dempsey group moves to temporary space on the 6th floor of the Kenan A tower

Jillian arrives at UNC!

January 2012

Robin & Thomas Join the Dempsey Group