Graduate Students:
Highly motivated students interested in physical inorganic chemistry are encouraged to apply to the PhD program at the University of North Carolina. Please reach out to Jillian directly with any questions about research in her lab before applying.

Undergraduate Students:
The Dempsey Group actively recruits undergraduate students who are pursuing a B.S. Chemistry degree from the University of North Carolina . Students interested in carrying out research in our lab should email Jillian directly and (1) describe their interest and relevant coursework in physical and inorganic chemistry, (2) attach a current resume, and (3) provide the name of one chemistry instructor who can provide a reference. A minimum commitment of 4 semesters and 1 summer is expected.

Students from other universities interested in summer research in our lab are encouraged to apply to the Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Chemistry REU program.

Highly motivated PhD students interested in pursuing postdoctoral work in the Dempsey group are encouraged to contact Jillian directly with a up-to-date curriculum vitae and a description of their research interests and goals for postdoctoral work. Openings for funded postdoctoral positions are not always available and all applicants are encouraged to pursue independent funding through postdoctoral fellowships.

High School Students:

The Dempsey Group partners with local programs including WinSPIRE, ACS Project SEED, and NC School of Science and Math to host high school students.