The Dempsey Group is thrilled to welcome 3 new undergraduates to our lab this summer– Hannah Starr (UNC ’17), Alexis Hawks (NC A&T ’16) and Quinton Bruch (Georgia Tech ’16). Hannah is working with Kelley to explore PbS quantum dots for applications in solar cells. As a MIRT REU student this summer, she’s working closely with both our group and the Lopez lab in the Department of Physics. Alexis is working with Thomas and Dan to investigate new organic photosensitizers. Alexis joins us from NC A&T as a SUROC REU student. Quinton is working with Chris and Eric to study PCET processes in transition-metal based complexes. Quinton is a rising senior at Georgia Tech and received support from the Atlantic Coast Conference Academic Collaborative (ACCAC) to support his research this summer. Hannah, Alexis and Quinton are joined by Keegan McBride (UNC ’17) this summer, who will continue his research with Robin investigating the surface chemistry of semiconductor nanocrystals with support from a UNC Department of Chemistry Summer Research Grant.

Undergrads 2015