The fall semester is well underway here in Chapel Hill! We’ve slowly been watching the construction on the 4th floor of Kenan move along, and are looking forward to having a safer (sprinklers!) and more accessible (new bathrooms!) work space!

Last month, Melody and Hannah’s paper Exchange equilibria of carboxylate-terminated ligands at PbS nanocrystal surfaces was published in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics!

We all had a busy summer, and almost everyone traveled to a conference to present their research. Debanjan, Tao, Katherine, Dan, Chris, Tayliz, and Jillian all attended the 3rd International Conference on PCET in Blowing Rock. Kunal and Cole came out for 2 days to catch some of the presentations. Jillian organized the meeting, and Dan and Katherine served on the local host committee. Katherine’s summary of PCET2018 was  recently published in ACS Energy Letters.

Carolyn and Melody attended the Nanocrystals Gordon Research Conference and Dan attended the Electron Donor-Acceptor Interactions Gordon Research Conference. Jillian traveled like a crazy person, attending AFOSR and DOE program meetings, a PCET workshop in Gottingen, the Organometallics GRC, the CCI Solar Fuels Capstone Meeting, the International Conference on Coordination Conference, the Electron Donor-Acceptor Interactions Gordon Research Conference, the ACS meeting, and a Packard Fellows Meeting. And a few weeks ago, most of the lab presented their work at the Triangle Student Research Competition.

September was a busy month for everyone, and we ended the month with a fun evening at Tru!