Our lab strives to develop fundamental science that enables new technological advances in energy, catalysis, and optoelectronics.

We are invested in our scientific endeavors and our passions and curiosity drive research. Our data provides a platform for new questions and new research directions. We pay attention to details and deviations in our data and are not satisfied with simple answers. We are committed to integrity, continuously adapt our hypotheses in response to data, and do not allow bias to influence our willingness to pursue new avenues and build a self-consistent model. We maintain ethical practices inside and outside of the lab and are fully committed to carrying out chemistry in the safest manner possible. We embrace our growth as scientists, strive to be fearless when we approach new projects, and are willing to move out of our comfort zone to advance science.

Our research program values deeply understanding fundamentals. We strive to publish research reports of the highest quality, and value comprehensive studies that showcase a thorough understanding of chemical phenomena. We recognize that developing creative approaches to solving problems necessitates the unique and varied perspectives offered by a group with diverse backgrounds.

We are community-focused and we value collegiality and teamwork. We support each other as both people and scientists, and work to help each other maintain optimism in the face of inevitable adversity. We strive to contribute to both our scientific spheres and our neighbors by developing educational resources and committing time to serving these communities.