“A Practical Beginner’s Guide to Cyclic Voltammetry,” authored by Dempsey group alums Noémie Elgrishi, Kelley J. Hammon, Brian D. McCarthy, Eric S. Rountree and Thomas T. Eisenhart (along with J.L.D.) has been accepted for publication in The Journal of Chemical Education.

We have gathered in a single streamlined document all the information necessary to start learning cyclic voltammetry. In this article, we hope to follow up on three valuable articles published in The Journal of Chemical Education in 1983 by providing a basic and accessible discussion on cyclic voltammetry with a target audience of inorganic chemists.

We have written this contribution with the aim of making it easier for a motivated student to learn the basics of electrochemistry through self-teaching and self-questioning, grounding all discussion in the understanding of parameters affecting collected data. Further, training modules are provided in the Supporting Information to support aspiring electrochemists as they learn this important technique.