Robin, Brian, Eric, Kelley, Ana, Daniel and Jillian attended the NC Photochem Symposium at UNC-Charlotte on October 26. Jillian gave a talk titled “New Methods for the Time-resolved study of Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Reaction Pathways,” and Robin, Brian, Eric and Daniel presented posters on their work. Robin took home first place in the poster competition and Brian, Eric and Daniel’s joint poster was recognized as well. Everyone had a great time sharing their research, learning about all the exciting photochemistry research going on in North Carolina and making connections with graduate students and faculty across the Tar Heel State. It was great to get to know the NC photochemistry community and we are excited that this symposium will be an annual event. Thanks to the organizers– Professors Mike Walter (UNC-C), Marcus Jones (UNC-C), Walter Weare (NC State) and Elena Jakubikova (NC State)– for organizing such a great day.

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