Classes started back up last week here at UNC and we’re happy to welcome all the undergraduates back as well as the new graduate students to campus! We had a great summer in the Dempsey group. Here are a few highlights:

The Dempsey group watched 3 innings of the Durham Bulls vs. the Rochester Red Wings before a major thunderstorm hit and we sought shelter! Unfortunately the game ended up being called off, but we had a fun evening nonetheless.


The Dempsey group also fielded a team for the department volleyball tournament, under leadership of Coach Kelley. While the Superbomb Excitons didn’t take home gold this year, we expect to have a dominant showing in 2015.

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As the summer came to a close, the Dempsey group joined forces with the Miller group for a long awaited true NC BBQ at Jill and Alex’s place.


IMG_5079 IMG_5089 IMG_5096 IMG_5098